4.Reporting business outcomes in the service report

What the report should say?

How to format the report is up-to what your customer expects to see , but it cannot be complete without the below details

  • The logical grouping of systems aligned to business portfolios
  • A measure of overall business outcomes delivered
  • And for each each system
    • Availability and stability details - was it available when it was really needed?
    • Did it perform well matching the business throughput expectations?
    • For each incident
      • Did the incident cause any business impact? Was it in critical path when that occurred?
      • Was it resolved early enough to avoid a business impact?
      • Learnings/measures in place to avoid recurrence
      • Continuous service improvements opportunities for 
        • Improving availability/performance throughputs
        • Improving contracts if you see that some of the dependant systems are managed under different contracts and causing a bottleneck
        • etc (there are many things which really matters and come to light from such a report)
Do you now see a very good business reason for any IT service provider to start doing this (if they are not there yet)... the reality is that majority are not there yet. 

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